I think that the reason why our kids are getting fatter in 2011 is because all of the electronic gadgets.  The computer, television, cell phones, internet, and social networks keep our children still instead of moving. Our children are spending less time playing physical activities and more time sitting down watching TV, or playing with some gadget. I am a 70′s baby and guess what?  When I was growing up we went to the park at 9 am and went back home at 9 pm we spend our entire day at the park running up and down, riding bikes playing handball, baseball, basketball, monkey bars, tag, cops and robbers, you name it we did it, there was no video games no TV shows worth staying at home for no cell phones no wifi, internet no computers.

That is the reason in a nut shell why our kids are so fat. Keep an eye on your child from the time he wakes in the morning until the time he goes to sleep. When he wakes up he gets a bowl of cereal for breakfast sits down in front of his computer to check out his page, while texting and watching a movie, playing a video game all at once; yes he is so versatile.  Then he gets up cause is time for lunch eats a hamburger with fries super sized with a huge soda sits down again to watch another movie and do some more texting and internet surfing because you have to keep with the latest. Than his friend text him want to go out and shoot some hoops and he replies nah I can’t I have to update my profile and try to make it to level 6 on my new game and now is time for dinner. He eats some more junk food and takes a break from the TV to read his email and post some updates on his page, finally is time for bed so he goes to bed takes his cell phone with him cause he is a doctor or a policeman or maybe a fireman or a swat team member and might get an emergency call or text in middle of night.  Decides to skip the shower till tomorrow and do it all over again the next day.  All they really need is food a TV, computer, cell phone and video games to live, our teenagers don’t need anything else.

You ask why our teenagers are so fat apart from all the junk they are eating they are not getting any physical activity what so ever therefore they are not burning any calories .

Before we had all these electronic gadgets our kids were getting plenty of exercise. I  for one when I was 16,17,18 was a skinny handsome young man I ate a lot but never got fat cause I never stood still. Always working or playing a sport never home always outside. If you are concerned about your child’s weight take away his computer and video game remove the TV from his room limit his cell phone use and tell him, until you get down to ___ HIS CORRECT WEIGHT  you are confiscating his gadgets encourage him to go do some outside activities or to join a sport in school, keep a close eye on his eating habits,  and watch how your child transforms from short and chubby to tall and slim, It is imperative  for his long term health benefits for your child to start watching his weight at a early age even as early as 10 years old.


When I was in third grade in 1984 the 6th graders were so tall they were like 6 , 7 feet tall . I mean the children were all so big and tall in 1980 to 1985 take a look at the class pictures they were some really tall kids in our classes, but now I drive by high schools and I think they are elementary schools. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO OUR YOUTH WHY ARE WE SHRINKING?! AM I the only one who is surprised at our kids stagnant growth is anyone looking into this is anyone noticing is it the food we are eating the water we are drinking the air we are breathing what is it ?  Cause there is something fishy going on here………….. 


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